TAA specializes in large-scale business and/or technical transformation projects that are aimed at improving organizations. Enterprise or “big bang” change affects the culture of an organization. Changing a culture is naturally challenging and requires perseverance, sensitivity to stakeholders’ equities and a systematic approach to avoid failure and affect positive change. Our model, The Architecture for Change™, supports enterprise-wide transformation and change to address:

  • How large-scale, enterprise-wide change can be achieved
  • How well change processes are proceeding
  • How effectively the new technology transformation supports the new enterprise vision

TAA develops roadmaps to affect enterprise transformation, combining a variety of disciplines that increase the likelihood of a positive result. These disciplines, which are core to the Architecture for Change™, coalesce under three areas:

  • Organizational Change Management
  • Program Management
  • Information Technology Project Management/System Integration

TAA has experience in all aspects of organizational change and has combined them in various combinations. Our seasoned professionals provide the full range of organizational change management services in the Architecture for Change™ that include:

  • Organizational Assessment
  • Vision, Alignment, and Communication
  • Organizational Design and Plan for Change
  • Technology Insertion and Implementation
  • Business Process Engineering
  • Training Strategy
  • Workforce Transition

The TAA white paper on the Architecture for Change™ describes our approach and capabilities in more detail. Below is an overview of TAA’s enterprise transformation capabilities.