Our Core

TAA’s consultants may come from diverse backgrounds, but they all have one thing in common: they are exceptionally skilled in the critical aspects of enterprise-wide organizational change. They understand the various components of change and how to guide projects from the “as-is” state to the “to-be,” and the complex interdependencies of integrating information technology with process improvement, and organizational culture with human resource policies.

Our consultants’ backgrounds encompass a variety of disciplines and skills, including MBAs, JD, applied technology, marketing, human resources, information technology application development, Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), change management, public relations, journalism, and business process reengineering. Our people are seasoned veterans with an average of 20 years of experience – many former government staff officers – who know how to navigate through layers of bureaucracy to get things done.

We are often asked what is behind our name; what does TAA stand for? The name represents the convergence of three separate ideas, each of which reflects what TAA is all about. One concept is Transformation Analysis & Advisory Services since we specialize in transformation and advisory services. The second is Technology Analysis & Advisory Services since most major enterprise change is rooted in IT. Finally, we consider ourselves “The Agency’s Agency” since nearly 100% of our business is referral-based. It immediately became clear to us that all three concepts have the initials “TAA” in them and the letters are not so much an acronym as they are a symbolic representation of what we are and what we offer.