About Us

Experienced. Expert. Embedded. That’s TAA – since 2004.


Our Company

Experienced. Expert. Embedded. That’s TAA. Founded in 2004, we’re a small consulting firm based in the Washington, DC-metro area with proven expertise in delivering large-scale, enterprise-wide organizational transformation and change strategies to the federal government. We help clients envision how they can successfully change the way they operate and effectively transform the culture of their organization to achieve their desired outcomes.

Unlike many larger consultancies, TAA’s team of consultants becomes so tightly interwoven with our client that we appear to be one with them and not a separate company or entity. In fact, many of our consultants have been former government staffers, so we understand the people, processes, and technology that are targeted for transformation. We consider ourselves as being “in the fight,” having as much skin in the game as the client – an approach we’ve found makes the transformation effort an internal undertaking, not something imposed by outsiders or “helicopter consultants” who drop in and drop out with little accountability for the outcome. We’re there throughout the change cycle from the beginning of the project until it is fully implemented, the workforce trained, and the adoption complete. This is a critical organizational change issue that can make the difference between success and absolute or relative failure.

TAA’s experience and expertise in organizational transformation led to creating The Architecture for ChangeTM, TAA’s proven, successful methodology for implementing enterprise change. The Architecture for Change integrates the three key elements for making successful enterprise change happen: Organizational Change Management, Program Management and IT Program Management/System Integration.

TAA is fully invested in our client’s success and our consultants are focused on the job at hand, not growing our own footprint or on corporate activities. That’s the TAA difference.